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The idea of myPhotoBook is to store your sweet memories fresh as you live your dreams, get married, have your first child and grow old...hidden treasures that made you the person you are today. Put everything in a book and bring them everywhere you want; and one day... you'll be able to flip through the precious photo album and relive the memories.

Your photo book can be more than just a personal album!

Imagine Your Wedding
Capture, compile and share details most blessed moment of lovely couple life; memories of your big day will always seem like it just happened yesterday; and a precious keepsake that you'll share with your children and grandchildren.
Imagine Your Babies & Children
Welcome the new member of the family; capture and compile every precious growing moments... from birth to their steps... to their first day of school.
Imagine Your Travel
Travelling enjoyable and experiences in Malaysia or overseas can be kept in photobook collections. Share & impresss your family and friends with your creativity design of photobook.
Imagine Your Anniversary
Unforgettable occasions. Share the story of your milestone & achievement of love with your love ones with myPhotoBook.
Imagine Your Portfolios
In the business of the corporate world like architect, graphic, interior, photography etc.? Why not use myPrintShop to create a port folios for your services!
Imagine Our Storybook
Share the most marvellous stories of your life, be it in love, occupation or leisure, as if it were a real autobiography of yourself.
Imagine Your Cookbook
Gather a collection of all your family's traditional & favorite recipes in myPhotoBook. So now your will never have to search high and low for them or call dear mum again for it.
Imagine Your Tributes
Photobook is a perfect gift for retiring boss, great achievements or to appreciate someone respectable in your life.
Imagine Your Coffee Table Books
Great way to entertain your guest by turning your photobook in an elegant coffee table book. It's also an interesting variation to your magazine collections.
Imagine Your Graduation
With myPhotoBook, don’t forget to creates an opportunity for you to capture this auspicious day of achievement.! It is the best tool to recap these wonderful memories.
Imagine Your Sports / Hobbies
Photo book can also be a good compilation for athletes. The events you participated, your glorious moment of achievement in sports, your best team etc. Tell your very own story about your hobby and passion to your family and friends. Share your dream by a photo book in hand
Imagine Your Year Books
A creative way to produce your yearbooks & alumni books for education institutions.
Imagine Your Pet
Your best buddy! Don’t miss a moment your best friend from the first day you brought it home. With myPhotoBook you'll never get tired of flipping the pages over & over again.
Imagine Your Underwater
Many liek to use myPhotoBook as an impressive presentation for your underwater explorations.
Imagine Your Parents Day
myPhotoBook is a exquisite gift for parents in your life, one of the best way to keep everyone entertained during family gatherings.
Imagine Your Birthday
There's something simply magical about birthdays... myPhotoBook can help you to keep your memories afresh

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